Leader In Liquid Logistics

19 years of deep cultivation in the industry, focusing on industrial gas transportation
Sound logistics and transportation qualifications for dangerous goods, with business systems all over the country
Large-scale self-owned fleet, more multiple models to achieve one-step transportation solutions

Focus Area

19 years of professional study
Industrial gases, liquid chemicals, chemical raw materials, fine chemicals
Logistic experts in subdivisions

Industrial Gases

Liquid Chemicals

Food & Drink

Oil & Energy

International Logistics

Self-owned Fleet, Multiple Models

Huge self-owned fleet to ensure safe and efficient logistics
A variety of professional models to provide customers with more choices
Exclusive fleet, complete vehicles, LTL, multimodal transportation, warehousing, integrated logistics...
A variety of services forms for you to choose

Dangerous Goods Business Qualification

Hazardous Waste


Bulky Goods

Successful Solutions