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Work location: Ningbo, Yangzhou

Number recruits:2

Job description:
1. Responsibility for the transportation management, vehicle management, and driver management of the fleet;

2. Responsible for the file management of vehicles

3. Plans, inspections and supervision are carried out as planed, and records of vehicle repairs and regular maintenance 

4. Responsible for driver’s safety assessment

5. Cooperate with the safety manager to do a good job in safety production training and daily vehicle inspection of the fleet

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader
Job requirement:

1. At least associate diploma, no major requirement 
2. Driving experience

3. More than two years of experience in fleet management in logistics industry, and rich experience in fleet and driver management 

4. Familiar with vehicle scheduling and maintenance, route planning and operation, and be able to estimate vehicle risks and handle emergency accident

5. Honesty and integrity, good professionalism and character, strong communication and coordination ability and monitoring ability

6. Ability to bear hardships, have teamwork spirit

Dangerous goods driver

Work location: Guangdong Huizhou, Shandong Jining

Recruits number: 5
Job requirement:
1. Holds A2, more than 3 years of dangerous goods driving experience

2. Dangerous goods qualification certificate(driver, helper) and pressure vessel uploading certificate(R2) are required

3. We assist in the transfer of foreign(province) employment qualifications/certificates

4. Certificates of no accident in the recent 3 years, no bad record, from the traffic police station department/station

5. Good health, service awareness, basic vehicle maintenance capabilities and ability to handle vehicle failures

Dangerous goods helpers

Work location: Guangzhou Huizhou, Shandong Jining

Recruit number: 5 
Job requirement 
1. 25-40 years old

2. At least junior school education

3. Possession of qualification escort certificate of dangerous goods

4. Able to bear hardships and stand hard work