Operation Qualification

Jinrun Chemical Logistics
2-9 types of dangerous goods transportation qualifications
Advanced management system and 17 years of operating experience assure you worry-free service

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Container

  • Bulky

Safety And Quality

  • Our Core Competence

    Personnel management
    Vehicle and equipment management
    Risk identification and control

  • Strict Training System

    2-month induction training
    Defensive driving
    Actual operation
    Escort internship

  • Continuous On-the-job Training

    Dangerous behavior identification
    Higher-driver identification and elimination

  • Advanced Technology And Method

    On-board computer
    Camera with recording function

  • Technology Empowering Management

    Real-time monitoring, regular playback
    Check-out before departing
    Three-point getting on and off the vehicle
    Seat belt
    Vehicle coach 5S

  • Regular Rest

    Rest every 4 hours
    Rest every 2 hours during night driving
    Six workdays and a day off
    No more than 72 working hours in consecutive 6 days

  • Accident Investigation And Analysis

    Separate security incident reporting process
    All accident must be reported within 30 minutes
    No reporting 24 hours after the accident will be classified as concealing and will be expelled immediately
    Standard accident analysis and report system